St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

Social Justice

St Catherine’s Catholic College has a very active social justice program with a dual focus on awareness and action. The student leaders led the student body in a variety of initiatives including the Lenten CARITAS Appeal, St Vincent De Paul Appeals (winter and Christmas) and Catholic Mission.

Our fundraising focuses for each term throughout the year are:

Term 1 

Caritas Global support – In the form of Project Compassion Money boxes. College Leaders actively collect money as well as each family receiving a box to place in their own homes.

Term 2 

Vinnies Winter Appeal - Supporting locals. Mini Vinnies assist in the awareness campaign and the collection of donated goods.

Term 3 

Catholic Mission - Global support – A Mission Day organised by College Leaders concludes the term and is supported by a presentation from Richard Cootes from Catholic Mission. The activities include guessing competitions, face painting, treasure hunts and much more.

Term 4 

Vinnies Christmas Appeal - Supporting Locals - Students and families are asked to support the local appeal through donating non-perishable goods, money or presents, which are then distributed to needy locals at the festive time.

The school encourages students to propose other areas for social justice work at a local level. From year to year this is in response to the needs of the local community. Examples of social justice at the local level include the sending of support letters to drought victims and the donation of education resources for the Tonga extreme weather event in 2018.