St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

Principal's Welcome

St. Catherine’s Catholic College offers a comprehensive Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum in a co-educational setting. Located in the picturesque Hunter Valley, our school boasts a rich history of academic, sporting, and cultural achievements, providing a smooth educational journey for every student.

Committed to delivering high-quality Catholic education, we prioritise excellence across all aspects of education, catering to the individual learning needs of each student. Our dedicated staff uphold modern teaching pedagogy, tailored to meet the diverse needs of all learners.

Beyond academic excellence, St Catherine’s is a vibrant Catholic College that embodies the teachings of Jesus and Gospel values. We foster spiritual growth among both students and staff, promoting understanding of oneself, others, and responsible stewardship of our world. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom through cultural, curriculum, and community initiatives, with a strong emphasis on Pastoral Care and service to Charity. We instill a passion for lifelong learning and cultivate a social conscience through acts of justice, mercy, tolerance, and respect.

At St Catherine’s, we provide a holistic education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, guided by the wisdom of our Patron, Saint Catherine of Siena. We honour the Mercy heritage that underpins our school's foundation, integrating contemporary theology to further enrich our community's charism. The incorporation of Saint Catherine of Siena’s wisdom and the respect for the Mercy heritage not only provide a strong foundation for the school's ethos, but also guide the actions and decisions of the entire community.

Through our loyal and committed professional Educators and Learning Support Assistants, the emphasis on individualised learning, effective teaching pedagogy, and the nurturing of a strong community spirit reflects a dedication to supporting students at every stage of their educational journey. Additionally, the incorporation of Catholic teachings and values into all aspects of school life highlights a commitment to fostering spiritual growth and moral development. The focus on Pastoral Care and the promotion of lifelong learning, social conscience, and respect for others further demonstrates St Catherine’s commitment to creating well-rounded individuals who are prepared to positively contribute to society.

Embracing the unique creativity of each individual, we foster a sense of belonging, cooperation, and care within our college community. Everyone is welcome at St Catherine’s Catholic College.

If you are seeking to enrol your child/ren, please do so as early as you can. Due to our positive reputation in the community and recent significant organic growth, some of our grade levels are full with a wait list, and the others are filling fast. Enrolment should be completed at your earliest convenience to ensure the best chance at gaining placement.

On behalf of the entire staff at St Catherine’s Catholic College in Singleton, I extend a warm welcome to our school community.

Ms Lauren Carlson – Acting Principal