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Year 9 Elective Selection

Dear Year 8 Students,

Choosing elective subjects for Years 9 and 10 is an exciting time, as now you can make a choice about what you want to study alongside the compulsory subjects of Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History and Geography and PDHPE.

At St Catherine’s Catholic College, we aim to provide our students with a wide range of subjects from which to choose, as we understand our students are individuals with unique interests and ambitions. We are very fortunate to have experienced and passionate staff who are committed to providing you with the best possible experiences through the study of elective courses.

Sometimes the hardest part of the process is deciding what to choose to study. If you have a career path in mind or a university course you are interested in then choosing subjects that align with this can be a great way to prepare for HSC choices. Most students at your age do not know what they want to do post school, so my advice to you is to choose subjects that interest you and that you will enjoy. You don’t have to be proficient in the skills required for these courses as you will be taught the necessary skills as the course progresses. Being willing to learn and open to challenges is very important if you are taking on a subject of interest over a subject that you know you will be good at.

If you are unsure about your choices or if you have any questions about the courses, make a time to speak with the subject teacher or Coordinator. They are always willing to help guide you in selecting subjects. Also, talk to older students who are have taken these subjects to acquire more knowledge about the content and the expectations.

Best wishes,

Mrs Niamh Marzol

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