St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest


Career education at St Catherine’s Catholic College aims to provide a program dedicated to assisting each student in making informed decisions about their career pathways, inclusive of school and post school education, training and employment options. The focus is on helping and supporting students to plan their transition from high school to their ideal post-school option.   

The Careers Advisor provides timely advice, specialised knowledge and seeks to assist students in gaining a realistic understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, interests and values, in relation to their career journey. The Careers Advisor holds specific qualifications in Career Education and Development and is a member of professional associations and networks to ensure the delivery of the programs are current and relevant to external employment forces shaping the local area.  

The careers program at the College is primarily focused on using a consultative process with students and parents through counselling and interviews. This provides individualised support for students transitioning from school into further education and training or the workforce. While there are many opportunities for students to individually explore in today’s world and many options open to them through their education system, the focus is on meeting the individual needs of each student and therefore the process of counselling and interview is highly valued by the College.  

The Careers Advisor at St Catherine’s Catholic College is Ms Mandy Black. 

Available: Monday-Friday by appointment  

The Careers Resource Centre is located in the Secondary Learning Hub.