St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

St Patrick's Parish Singleton

The Singleton area was officially opened up for settlement in 1823 and both grazing and agriculture soon commenced, with wheat and tobacco providing staples. Benjamin Singleton established a punt service across the river and the ford became a favourite river crossing for those heading north.  Proper roads were in place by 1831. The depression of the early 1840's nearly brought the town to a standstill but it recovered and when the railway arrived in 1863, Singleton's economy boomed. It soon became the major commercial centre, which it remains today. The local economy is diverse and relies strongly on agriculture, coal and the wine industry. Singleton's success has seen the population increase from 9572 in 1981 to about 20500 in 1997. 

In appreciation of the townships significant position, the Parish of Singleton was founded in 1846 just ten years after the town was subdivided. It is one of the oldest parishes in the diocese. Many of the Upper Hunter Parishes derive their origin from the Parish of Singleton. The Singleton Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy established their first convent (later to be the Congregational Headquarters) and St Catherine's Secondary School here. The Redemptorist Fathers also established themselves in the Parish of Singleton before moving to Mayfield. 

Today the parish covers Singleton, Broke, Glendonbrook and Branxton/Greta.

Fr Thomas Chirackal is the current Parish Priest of St Patrick's Parish, Singleton. Fr Thomas can be contacted through the Parish/College Office on 6578 9600.

New families to the College are invited to make contact with Fr Thomas. 

Parents wishing for their children to participate in the Parish Sacramental Program are invited to contact the Parish/College office on 02 6578 9613 or the Coordinator of the Parish Sacramental Team; Mrs Leanne O'Brien through the Parish/College Office.