St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

Learning Support

At St Catherine’s Catholic College, our team provides support for students with disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health/wellbeing needs. Learning Support staff work closely with families, the school psychologist, student coordinators, classroom teachers and external specialists to determine student goals and appropriate support aimed at maximising individual learning potential.

What is available for your child at St Catherine’s Catholic College?

Curriculum Support

Curriculum support offers students in all years, especially in Year 7, the opportunity to seek assistance from the Learning Support Teachers to gain assistance with immediate issues such as completing classwork, homework, assessment task planning and preparation or developing more advanced study skills. Along with curriculum support, classroom teachers can recommend students who require extra assistance with classwork, preparation for exams, study techniques and completion of assessment tasks to work in the Learning Support room. Students can also use this location for ‘Time-out’ based on their needs (anxiety, sensory, sensitivity etc.) which is planned and implemented by all stakeholders.

Disability Provisions

Disability provisions are granted to students who have disability needs with practical support during NAPLAN, school assessments and for the Higher School Certificate examinations. Students’ disability needs may include learning, medical, vision or hearing difficulties. Examples of provisions include braille or large print papers, use of a reader and/or writer, use of an interpreter, extension of time, rest breaks, use of a computer and separate exam supervision. Eligible students may be provided with provisions for in-class Assessment Tasks and Examinations. This process is conducted in collaboration with the classroom teacher, subject coordinator and Learning Support Unit with the support of evidence. Evidence may include medical reports, reading results, spelling results, writing samples and teacher comments.

In-Class Support

In-class support may be provided to students through one-on-one instruction and support from either a Learning Support Teacher (LST) or a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) dependent on individual needs of the student. All additional supports are offered after consultation with parents/carers, teachers and the student.

MultiLit, MiniLit and MacQlit

Learning Support offers a suite of Reading Programs for selected students (from the Macquarie University Literacy Programs). The aim of these programs is to support students who have fallen substantially behind their cohort, specifically in the area of the mechanics of learning to read.

Life Skills Programs

Students have the opportunity to undertake partial or full Life Skills Programs during Year 7 to 12. The four core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science and HSIE are supported by a specialist Learning Support Teacher within the classroom or in a discreet setting. At St Catherine’s we advocate for inclusivity and hence offer Life Skills courses in PDHPE, Religious Education, Music, Visual Arts, Technology and Stage 5 electives in mainstream classes supervised by the classroom teacher. Composition of student courses are based on the needs of the student and are in consultation with all stakeholders.  

Lunch Club

Lunch Club is an alternative lunch area supervised by the Teacher Librarians who promote positive social interaction and inclusion of all students. Students can spend the time talking, reading and playing games within the comfort of the Library. Lunch Club is open Monday to Friday for all of lunch.


Year 6 to 7 transition is a collaborative process where we work closely with our primary school teachers and other primary schools and stakeholders to ensure student needs are addressed and their induction to high school is a positive experience.

Year 10 to Year 11 or post-school options students are given additional opportunities to participate in work experience guided by the Careers Coordinator. This is combined with a work ready program/resume building and communication skills program.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We value and accommodate student support provided by specialists who work with children as part of the child’s NDIS support package. In consultation with parents/carers, we timetable specialist intervention and provide a discrete location.


School Contact: 02 6578 9600
Learning Support Coordinator: Mrs Nicole Davenport