St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

About Us

Meet Our Staff

The Executive Team at St Catherine’s Catholic College comprises of the Principal, Assistant Principal (Secondary), Assistant Principal (Primary), Religious Education/Ministry Coordinator (Primary) and Religious Studies/Ministry Coordinator (Secondary). The Parish Priest is ex-officio members of the College Executive Team.

College Executive

Acting Principal

Lauren Carlson

Assistant Principal (Secondary)

Aaron Campbell

Acting Assistant Principal (Secondary)

Carmen Partridge

Assistant Principal (Primary)

Felicity Pearce

Religious Education Coordinator K-6 and Ministry Coordinator K-12

Leanne O’Brien

Religious Studies Coordinator 7-12 and Ministry Coordinator K-12

Meagan Edwards

Parish Priest ex-officio

Fr Thomas Chirackal


College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team assists the Executive in the overall effective management of the College.

Acting College Admin Coordinator (K-12)

Ann Marie Langley

Leader of Learning Support (K-12)

Nicole Davenport

Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement - Chisholm

Michael Crellin

Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement - McAuley

Lindsay O'Donoghue

Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement - Xavier

Breanna Digby

Leader of Learning English (Secondary)

Rachel Price

Maths Coordinator (Secondary)

Lauren Stacey

Leader of Learning HSIE  (Secondary)

Fiona Feeney

Leader of Learning Science (Secondary)

Jennifer Arrowsmith

Leader of Learning TAS  (Secondary)

Luke Solly

Leader of Learning Technology/PDHPE  (Secondary)

Leanne Sponberg

Leader of Learning Vocational Education (Secondary)

Mandy Pursell

Leader of Learning Distance Education

Aaron Campbell

Senior Clerical Officer

Maree Hall

Acting Finance Officer

Heidi Robertson


Leonie Holz