St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest


Meet Our Staff

The Executive Team at St Catherine’s Catholic College comprises of the Principal, Assistant Principal (Secondary Curriculum and Welfare), Assistant Principal (Primary), Religious Education/Ministry Co-ordinator (Primary) and Religious Studies/Ministry Co-ordinator (Secondary). The Parish Priest is ex-officio members of the College Executive Team.

College Executive

College Principal

Niamh Marzol

Assistant Principal (Secondary Curriculum and Welfare)

Kristen Southwell

Assistant Principal (Primary)

Jim FitzGerald

Religious Education Coordinator K-6 and Ministry Coordinator K-12

Leanne O’Brien

Religious Studies Coordinator 7-12 and Ministry Coordinator K-12

Des Thomas

Parish Priest ex-officio

Fr Thomas Chirackal


College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team assists the Executive in the overall effective management of the College.

College Administration Coordinator (K-12)

Aaron Campbell

Learning Support COordinator (K-12)

Annette Pitt

Student Coordinator (Year 11 and Year 12)

Lisa Hall 

Student Coordinator (Year 9 and Year 10)

Alicia Jenkins 

Student Coordinator (Year 7 and Year 8)

Paul O'Toole/ Catherine McBurney

English Coordinator (Secondary)

Alana Partridge

Maths Coordinator (Secondary)

Rachel Collins

HSIE Coordinator (Secondary)

Terry Holstein

Science Coordinator (Secondary)

Robert Angeli 

TAS Coordinator (Secondary)

Richard Turnbull

Learning Technology Coordinator/PDHPE Coordinator (Secondary)

Tony Edwards/ Leanne Sponberg

Vocational Education Coordinator (Secondary)

Danielle Lucas

Senior Clerical Officer

Maree Hall

Finance Officer

Kaylene Wilson

Assistant Director, Catholic Schools Office

Chris Quinn