St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton Crest

National STEM MAD Titles

Published on 21/11/2023

At the STEM MAD National Finals held in Melbourne 7 - 9 November, our students received three awards.

In the STEM in Space division, we secured second place. The students in this team were Marwa Arain, Kaitlyn Dunn, and Chloe Brackenrig.

In the Best Mathematics in Context division, where the judging was conducted digitally, we earned a well-deserved third place. The team members for this category were Maddison Kleinman, Declan Rogers, Thomas Barrow, and Max Kelly.

Lastly, we achieved third place in the Award for Demonstrating Catholic Ethos, with the team consisting of Bella Hoswell and Kelsey Jenkins. 

Congratulations to these amazing students!!